MYSA Joma Soccer Kit (Youth/Men)

  • Two-piece set consisting of a short-sleeved T-shirt with contrasting color cuts on shoulders and neckline, and shorts with elastic waistband adjustable with a waist string.
  • 100% polyester interlock
  • MYSA Logo
  • Player name & number on back
Help about your size
Stuff You Should Know

League uniforms are typically produced in waves with the last one being about one week prior to the start of the season, regardless of how early you order
During the season, we can often make uniforms quickly in an emergency
Uniform numbers are assigned according to the rules provided by the league. Our system may ask to capture number requests that may not be considered by the league prior to assignment
If you are unsure of your size please call or visit the Marblehead Sport Shop for a try-on
If you order after the deadline and need the uniform for the first game, you may be charged a $20 expediting fee


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Uniform Number Policy:
For new travel players starting the Fourth Grade in the fall, uniform numbers are assigned "first-come, first-served" by request in order to minimize the risk of duplicates. You may find that the number you wanted is not used on your team, but it may be used elsewhere by a player in the same grade. By 6th grade, numbers are not well tracked so you can request any number you'd like, although you may find a duplicate on your team requiring a 'masking tape modification' during games.
Numbers are not tracked at all so let your athlete pick a fun number. Note that most want to use their age.

MYSA Joma Soccer Kit (Youth/Men)
MYSA Joma Soccer Kit (Youth/Men)
MYSA Joma Soccer Kit (Youth/Men)